2013 #Artlympics Gold-medal Winners

In ABC order:



#BestArtCaption by @PAULINASABRINA with “I’d tap that.”:


#BestArtRemake by the @PHILLIPSCOLLECTION:


#BestArtSelfie by @GOLIGHTLY:


#BestArtTwin by @PIPERCOLLEEN:


#BestKidRemake by the @MILWAUKEEART Museum:


#BestMomentWithAMuseumEmployee by @MIDWESTPHOTO:


#BestMuseumHidingSpace by the @SKIRBALL_LA Cultural Center:


#BestNewArtTitle by @MIDWESTPHOTO with ‘Snoopy’s Biplane Went Down in Flames (Schulz’s Melancholy)’:


#BestNewMuseumPurpose by @MIDWESTPHOTOraising the swashbuckling quotient in museums:


#BestWhatever by @RINMCAULIFFE:


The gold-medal winning videos won’t embed properly on Tumblr. Please check them out here on the #Artlympics Instagram.



The #Artlympics is an absurd competition to enjoy museums in a new way. It is happening everywhere on earth through hashtags. To participate, all you need is a free Instagram account. The #Artlympics is happening over 9 16 days—beginning Friday, September 20th and ending Sunday, September 29th Sunday, October 6th.




Closest Resemblance to Art
→ hashtag: #BestArtTwin

Find your doppelgänger in a work of art.


Best Recreation of Art

→ hashtag: #BestArtRemake

Recreate art with a pose similar to the work.


Best #ArtSelfie
→ hashtag: #BestArtSelfie

Take a photo of yourself with art, i.e. use a reflective surface to show your pretty mug.

Best Art Camoflauge
→ hashtag: #BestArtCamo

When you can’t tell where the art ends and you begin, i.e. art camouflage.


(Image taken from the excellent Brainpicker and her photo of a Paula Scher piece on her Instagram account)

Best Hiding Space for a Game of Hide-N-Seek

→ hashtag: #BestMuseumHidingSpace

Have someone take a picture of you, slightly visible, in the best hiding spot at the museum. 


Best Interaction with a Museum Employee

hashtag: #BestMomentWithAMuseumEmployee

Involve a museum employee, in a fun way—so that they don’t think of #Artlympics participants as museum terrorists.


(Big thanks to Johnson at MOCA for being part of this.)

Best Retitling of a Work

hashtag: #BestNewArtTitle

Give the work a better title. Please use the caption section.

Example retitling for this art: “IDK, my BFF jill”


Kids-only event!: Best “My kid could make that
" and They Did 
→ hashtag: #BestKidRemake

If you’ve said it… here is the chance for your child do it, with all materials welcomed.


Best Use of Museum for Non-Museum Purposes
→ hashtag: #BestNewMuseumPurpose

Doing anything outside of what is expected in a museum. (Videos are also welcome!)


Best New Caption for Art

hashtag: #BestArtCaption

Like a caption contest for a cartoon or photo, except with art. Please use the caption section.

Example of a new description: “Child, drunk, does his Bambi’s first steps impression—for like the millionth time.”


Best Going Along with It

hashtag: #BestWhatever

Pretend like you’re part of the scene and become one with the art. This is the wild card event, for anything you want to do but aren’t sure where it should go.


(Idea taken from the magnificent JT Steiny)


Best Self-Curated, Self-Titled Series
hashtag: #BestNewArtSeries

Find a thread between multiple pieces and name it.

Example of a self-curated, self-titled series: “LACMA’s Beatles cover band”


Best Dance Move Inspired by Art
→ hashtag: #BestArtInspiredDance

Move and shake to the rhythm of the artist, i.e. the Twerk-casso, the Two-step Turrell, the Serra-Souljaboy, et cetera


Best Art Voice Over

→ hashtag: #BestArtVoiceOver

Give art the voice to say what it never could, and you thought it should.


Best Fake Museum Tour

→ hashtag: #BestFakeTour

Give art the best made up schpeel you’ve never heard.


Click here to download a PDF with all the events and hashtags to print out



For a happy and productive #Artlympics, please:

  1. Follow all museum rules—which generally means: no flash photography, no touching the art, and don’t be a jerk
  2. Use Instagram
  3. Post photos with the #Artlympics hashtag and the appropriate hashtag for the event, e.g. #BestArtCamo
  4. All filtering, altering, and changes to photos must be done on the phone
  5. Post only one photo, per event, per account
  6. Take photos only where allowed
  7. Listen to all museum employees
  8. Do not damage the art or the museum
  9. Seriously: follow all museum rules
  10. :)



Each category has two awards, a Gold medal and People’s Choice. The Gold medal will be given after careful consideration by the #Artlympics judges. The People’s Choice will be given to whoever receives the most ‘Likes’ in their category.

Both will receive eternal glory, an #Artlympics Gold medal, and a “honey, should we frame this?” certificate of merit.



Q: Why are the hashtags stupid amounts of long?

A: I wish they were shorter. The problem is that most of the people (i.e. your friends) who will see the image and the hashtags won’t know anything about the #Artlympics. The long hashtags make it easier for everyone to understand what is going on.


Q: If I have my account set to ‘Private’, can I still participate?

A: Yes, you can absolutely participate, but you can’t be part of the competition. We won’t be able to see your photos, even with the appropriate hashtags. 

If you would want to compete but don’t want to open your account, you can always make another account to upload your photos to.


Q: Why can I only upload one photo per event?

A: Quality is way sexier than quantity. Like Kanye says, “One good girl is worth a thousand bitches.”

If you post a photo, then take another one you like better. Upload the new one and delete the hashtagged comment that puts the photo in the event or delete the first photo.


Q: Where can I do this?

A: Anywhere, ya dingus!


Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: Yes! It’s good to get your Bill Withers on.


Q: I’m not completely sure how to use Instagram video. What do I push and where?

A: It’s a little tricky. Play with it a little bit and that will probably answer most of your questions. If you still are unsure, these are Instagram’s instructions: http://help.instagram.com/442610612501386


Q: How do I look at the #competing photos on my computer?

A: Currently, Instagram only allows you to view #hashtags from the Instagram app.


Q: How come the ‘Jump To’ menu jumps to a slightly off place?

A: Because I am not a web god. :(



Hello world,

I want to tell you that this all started for one person: my sister Kate.

I made this event for her. She doesn’t enjoy museums and I don’t blame her. I think museums are really fun places, if you come in with the right mindset—and this is me trying to help with that. This is to enjoy museums in a different way.

The idea was born accidentally, about two years ago. My sister was being a good sport, following our mom and me to Crystal Bridges in Arkansas. The setting is American, a place covered in paintings from people like Sargent, Rockwell, and Eakins. My mom and I were sampling every flavor while my sister followed. And then we came across a Thiebaud. My mom swooned, I drooled, and my sister caught up. Our excitement for blue shadows obvious, a security guard approached from behind and asked if we wanted a photo with the painting. I grabbed my sister and this happened:


Because of this, I realized there is more than one way to enjoy a museum. Today, fully-fermented, I present you with the Artlympics—an event dedicated to my sister but made for everyone who wants to experience museums in a new way.

Let’s get weird, y’all.



PS – My name is Cole Moss—I go professionally by C.W. Moss. I live in Los Angeles and work mostly as an illustrator and writer. I also co-curate a gallery called Mastodon Mesa that focuses on interaction. I’m best on Instagram.

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